About Humberside Masonic Supplies

May we take this opportunity to thank all of our Friends and Customers for their support over the years.

The friendship that has been nurtured between Humberside Masonic Supplies and all of our friends and loyal customers is a real example of what Freemasonary stands for.

If your lodge requires any regalia replacements or furnishings supplies, Humberside Masonic Supplies will be more than willing to provide a competitive quote

Fraternaly yours Malcolm Coates

Specialising in Masonic regalia of the highest quality, Humberside Masonic Supplies offer regalia for all degrees of freemasonry including aprons, collars, badges and jewellery. We stock a wide variety of assorted Masonic gifts such as regalia cases, books, watches and cufflinks, and can provide furnishings to lodges at competitive prices.